Is it time?

A thread posted on Timebomb2000 was a sign in a yard in Maine. The sign said “Do you accept what is happening? Is it time to revolt?” This same question has been asked many times going back 20 years that I am aware of.

Think of that. At least 20 years people have been thinking of revolting against our Federal government. Remember Ruby Ridge? Waco?  Why is it nothing happened other than an upsurge in the number of militias?

The best explanation I have read was a post by “ZOG”. He asked the question “Who do you shoot?” Think about it. In your local area who is there to go after? The local postmaster? The old gal where you renew your driver’s license?  This is THE question we have to answer. Once the how is answered the when will answer itself.

For most of us, we have been writing or representatives and complaining. That is the socially accepted method and by doing this some of our anger is assuaged. Makes us feel as if we did something. And we did do something. What we did accomplish little or nothing; but we felt better. Well, after more than 20 years of complaining some of us, maybe most of us realize nothing has changed! Actually, things are worse now than 20 years ago.

Enter the Tea Party people. In my mind what they have accomplished is only a step in a long journey. Some new faces in DC. But not enough to really change things on a national level. Much more was accomplished at the State level with many governorships and legislatures changing to “republicans”. I know some of them will turn out to be rhinos but at least there is potential for real change.

In my opinion, we should continue changing representation at the state level until enough people are elected where they are willing to use nullification against the fed. This is starting to happen in a few states but we need more states involved in the fight.

I have started to see articles reporting sheriffs standing up for their people against the fed. This is an area where we need to direct more attention. When your local has an election for sheriff go to any debate and question them on their knowledge of the constitution.  Fight to elect people who will represent you against unlawful incursions by the fed. Is the EPA encroaching on property rights of the citizens of your state? Your sheriff and your state representatives need to put a halt to such activity.

So in answer to the question “Is it time” I say when we know “how and who” we will know the time.

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