It ain’t going to happen!

I just finished rereading “Out of The Ashes” written by W. W. Johnstone. A book about rebuilding after the USA is attacked with nukes and biowarfare.

The author is virulently anti-liberal. During the course of the book, there are many rants about government policies and the effects of those policies. The author also presents alternatives to those policies.
About halfway through the book, I checked to see when the book had been published. I remembered reading it for the first time shortly before Y2K; about 12 years ago.
The book was published in 1984. Twenty-seven years ago. That means anti-government sentiment has been simmering for at least twenty-seven years. And where are we now, after all those years?
Has anything changed as far as the government and/or liberalism changed? As far as I can see the last twenty-seven years has witnessed a surge in liberal control of the government. The current debt phony crisis is evidence of the government spending policies which are controlled by mainly Liberal policies.
Twenty-seven years of losing ground. Twenty-seven years of getting poorer (through inflation gutting the value of the dollar) and becoming less free ( The Patriot Act, Homeland  Security Etc.).
I think after twenty-seven years more people are aware we are losing what this country represented i.e. a free people. But the number is not large enough to restore what has been lost.
Right now we are in a race. Will enough people become aware that change has to come? Change from what is happening with our government. Or will things just go as they have been?
In my opinion, if the government does not change we face disaster. It may be an economic collapse or a descent into slavery or a combination of the two. The only other possibility I can foresee is a return to how this country was formed. Think 1770’s or 1860’s.

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