Where are they?

For years I have wondered where are all the wealthy people who support the constitutional government? The left has George Soros and other wealthy leftists spreading their wealth to support what they believe in. The ACLU mainly files court cases supporting leftist causes.

Has anyone read of any organizations other than think tanks and the John Birch Society supporting constitutional ideas? The militias are grassroots self-supporting groups that are reactionary. Something happens and they will respond.

The education system is in poor shape as attested to by the scores achieved in international competitions and declining SAT scores over the past several decades. The cost for education steadily increases with no end in sight. One person or group could change this.

Establish a school. Say for engineering. Hire tech people. You know, engineers, to teach engineering, chemists to teach chemistry, etc. Teach the students what they need for a degree in two years instead of four years.

There will be requirements from the Boards Of Education or whoever makes the rules for what is required for a degree. All this would have to be researched. If nothing else a math teacher could also teach basket weaving. The last five minutes of his math class could be called Basket Weaving and all students would get an “A”. Not any different from what happens now except the class is shorter. Or instead of a college degree, a technical certificate would be issued. With high standards to graduate jobs would be there.

That is just one possible way to start correcting “higher” education. I am no expert so I would hope other methods can be found.

In the area, I live there are several private schools.  The tuition varies from  3 – 4 hundred a month to several thousand a month. My daughter went to the 3 – 4 hundred a month school from kindergarten to ninth grade. When she transferred to public school in the International Baccalaureate program it was astounding how much better her education was compared to kids who were in the public educational system in previous years.

Homeschool kids are regularly winning National spelling contests, science contests, and even Miss Teen USA. Whatever method, if any, the public schools are using to educate our children, it ain’t working!

Even moderate to small communities have wealthy people. I feel confident some of those wealthy persons call themselves conservative and/or constitutionalists. The time has come for those with the means to stop complaining and use their resources to do something. There are private schools making profits. Why aren’t wealthy conservatives opening K – 12 schools based on conservative principles? Heck, I would be happy to see the true history of the USA taught! Many private schools are religious based but not all of them.

Education, as taught today, is mostly controlled by the left. This has to change to keep our country prosperous, to provide a true education and to sustain our Republic.

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