Death by Experts

Teachers at one time were hired by a towns or cities leaders. If the students weren’t learning the teacher was fired and a new teacher was hired. Then things got better organized and school boards were formed and they decided who was hired, fired and what curriculum was adopted. All by the citizens of the town or city.

Then we got even better organized and the state government passed laws that the school boards had to follow.  Now changes to the curriculum were harder to change because the state had at least partial control. Also, the curriculum adopted by each city had to be changed to conform to the new state laws. Teachers formed unions and the state listened to union teachers concerning the curriculum.

Now we are even better organized. The Federal Government has stepped in and decides what the curriculum will be. They decide what rules will be followed when teachers are hired and when teachers are fired. The experts from the teachers’ unions are now in control and everything is coming up roses.

Somewhere along the way, the experts didn’t get it right. Every so often experts retires and new experts assume control. When this happens we are assured the new experts will make things right. There are numerous studies proving the new (and better) teaching methods work. Our children are saved! They will receive a great education!

I graduated high school in 1961 and I can remember before I graduated the experts were telling us the schools needed one thing to improve the education they were providing. MORE MONEY! Now it is 52 years later and different experts are still telling us the schools need MORE MONEY!

During those 52 years education has become a big business. There are teachers, administrators, school nurses, grief counselors, guards, bus drivers, speech therapists and some I don’t know about. And that is only at the local level. Add in the state and federal levels. Then add in the business of buying school books and supplies. Remember each new expert change in curriculum and new books and supplies are required.

All of that is paid for with our taxes. We pay for it and how much say do we have? But it would be worth it IF the education our children received was what we expected. Is it?

Money alone will not provide a good education when spent by bureaucrats at the state or federal level. Money can provide a solution if spent at the local level. One anecdotal example. A woman’s son could not real after five (5) years in the public schools. She was told he was developmentally challenged. She finally took him to a private school at her expense and after five (5) days he was reading.

This is the solution available to us. Research what is available. If you have the time then homeschool. If not, find a successful private school you can afford and enroll your children.

Adults today are woefully uneducated. look at the people representing us at the state and federal level. They make decisions affecting us every day and those decisions are based on their education and life experiences.  Look at the Supreme Court. So many decisions made on a 5 to 4 vote. We can all read the Founding Fathers words in the Federalist Papers. We can all see and understand what they said and intended is not the basis for decisions by the court. But the court is making those decisions based on their education. They were taught by teachers who have gradually had their education changed by experts. Decade by decade, expert by new expert. Until our constitutional republic will be dead. By experts.

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